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You will find more information about the Theatre Academy specific services in Artsi. Here's few examples.


International activities

Theatre Academy’s goal is to have internationality in each student’s studies. The module can consist of exchange studies or an international work placement, master classes, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, and more.

International activities provide students with the necessary networks and skills for international collaboration.

Theatre Academy is involved in international cooperation with several theatre and dance schools as well as theatres, companies and other organisations in performing arts. International cooperation includes for example student exchange as well as inernational internships, joing productions, festivals and intensive courses.

During the autumn term, there is info about international possibilities, where students who have participated in international exchanges and traineeships talk about their experiences. In addition, International Relations’ staff also talks about how to apply for international exchanges and traineeships as well as different grants.


International student exchange

Student exchange refers to a period of one academic term or year spent studying at a foreign university as part of the student's degree programme at home. The length of the exchange period is usually at least three months or one term of the host university, and a maximum of 12 months i.e. one academic year at the host university.

Work placement in Finland and/or abroad

Work placements are sourced through various channels at the Theatre Academy, usually by course lecturers, professors or the students themselves. Work placements offer great opportunities for working in interesting groups and/or with an interesting director/choreographer. An agreement on the work placement has to be drawn up in all cases, and an employment contract is sometimes also required. Certain degree programmes at the Theatre Academy include a compulsory work placement period.
Work placement period can also be taken in another country. Possible placements include professional theatres or TeaK partner universities. The duration of the work placement period is two to twelve months.


Short-term student mobility

Theatre Academy students can also take shorter mobility periods in another country, for example courses lasting one to two weeks.


More information about international activities: Artsi.



TeaK's grant

Applications for grant may be submitted twice a year, 1-15 March and 1-15 September.
In student applications TeaK prioritizes projects that the student receives study credits for or that in other ways further his/her studies.
•    Traineeship in Finland or abroad
•    Studying abroad
•    Participation in a course, seminar, conference, etc. either in Finland or abroad

Programme's own grants

Degree and Master's Programmes introduce their own grants for various study purposes. You can ask about your own programme's grants from your planner/coordinator.

More information about grants: Artsi.