Studies at the Theatre Academy





Autumn term 2021 (1 August - 31 December)

Starting and ending dates for teaching between 9 August – 20 December
No contact teaching in week 42

Spring term 2022 (1 January - 31 July)
Starting and ending dates for teaching between 9 January - 19 June
No contact teaching in week 8


The curriculum (i.e. degree requirements)

The studies are organised in accordance with the degree programme’s curriculum. The curriculum defines the structure, study modules, scope and learning outcomes of the teaching required by the degree.

The curriculum is compiled based on what skills students are expected to have in the working life, the know-how that is considered to be fundamental in the field of art in question, and the related future needs in the field.


The Syllabus

The syllabus contains information about the courses offered during the academic year: timetables, teaching methods, grading, contents, methods of completion, prerequisites if any, target groups (including mobility option) and the teachers for each course.


The University of the Arts Helsinki’s study guide includes the curriculum, descriptions of study units and information on the courses organised in the 2021-2022 academic year (the syllabus).


Weekly schedule

The weekly schedule is a more detailed version of the teaching programme that takes into consideration the possible changes that have been made later on. Students use the teaching programme and the schedule to have an overall picture of what studies are organised during the academic year and to avoid scheduling conflicts between elective courses.


Personal study plan (PSP)

Bachelor’s students study according to their personal study plan. Personal study plans are based on the university’s degree requirements and teaching programme.  

Each degree student compiles a personal study plan (eHOPS in Finnish) in WebOodi. The study plan is designed based on the degree structure’s schedule for completing studies required for the degree. Information about teaching schedules and structure of studies (PSP samples) has been compiled in the teaching programmes.




TaiY = University of the Arts Helsinki

TeaK = Theatre Academy

YOK = Centre for Joint Studies

TTP = Services for Artistic Activities

Tepa = Technical production services

Tupa = Producer Services

DNK = Degree Programme in Dramaturgy and Playwriting

DNKm = Master's Studies in Dramaturgy and Playwriting

ED = Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research

N = Degree Programme in Acting (in Finnish)

Nm = Master's Studies in Acting (in Finnish)

O = Degree Programme in Directing

Om = Master's Studies in Directing

Kma = MA Programme in Writing

S = Degree Programme in Acting (in Swedish)

Sm = Master's Studies in Acting (in Swedish)

LAPS = MA Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies

T or TA = Degree Programme in Dance

TT = Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Performance

TK = Master’s Degree Programme in Choreography

TAO = Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Pedagogy

TEO = Master’s Degree Programme in Theatre Pedagogy

V = Degree Programme in Lighting Design

Vm = Master’s Studies in Lighting Design

Ä = Degree Progremme in Sound Design

Äm = Master’s Studies in Sound