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Student card and student discounts


Frank - student card

The company Frank, owned by Finnish student associations, supplies the student cards. With your student card, you can utilize the benefits and discounts granted for students everywhere in Finland. By showing your student card, you are entitled to receive student discounts at the Finnish State Railways VR and Matkahuolto Bus Company and in student restaurants, for instance. The student card is needed also at the FSHS student health care. Many benefits are listed online at

Students have to be registered as attending students to get the discounts. You can order a student card at Frank website. The order can be done earliest in August. Students who start their studies in January can order the card from January onwards (only after the studies have started).

The plastic student cards must be updated every year with a new academic year sticker. The digital student card aka Frank App must be updated for every academic year.

Information on the different study card options can be found here:

Student discount in long-distance trains (VR)

You can get student discount in trains in Finland with a Frank student card (plastic or digital card).

Before getting your actual Frank student card, it is possible to get student discount on trains with a temporary certificate (valid for 3 months). The certificate needs to be signed and stamped in the study affairs office. You can download and print the temporary certificate here: -> Temporary certificate

Student discount in long-distance buses (Matkahuolto)

You can get student discount in buses in Finland with a Frank student card (plastic and digital card).

Before getting your actual Frank student card, it is possible to get student discount with a Matkahuolto student card for travelling on buses (price 10€ / year). For getting the Matkahuolto student card, you need to fill in the Matkahuolto student certificate that needs to be signed and stamped in the study affairs office: -> Student card certificate

HSL (Helsinki Region Transport) student discounts for students who live permanently in Helsinki region

Full-time students living in the HSL area can purchase reduced rate Travel Card tickets under certain conditions. 

International degree students must have a Finnish ID-number and a certificate from maistraatti that they are living in Helsinki region permanently, and a filled Student discount application form before visiting a HSL service point: -> Student discount application form

More information on the student discount can be found on the HSL website.

Other student discounts

Many museums, theaters, gyms, shops and coffee places will give student discounts with a student card. Students can purchase student-priced meals in student restaurants in Finland. You might also get free access to art museums - just remember to ask. As a student of Uniarts, you will get free access to almost all of the university’s concerts, performances, exhibitions and other events.

Student Union


The University of the Arts Student Union (ArtSU) welcomes you to study in the University of the Arts Helsinki! Every university in Finland has its own student union, and ArtSU is the community and interest organization of all University of the Arts students. Every attending bachelor’s and master’s degree student is automatically a member of the student union when enrolling to the university, and exchange students as well as doctoral students are also welcome to join. The purpose of the student union is to promote fellowship between members, promote the interests and rights of students, and provide services and assistance for all members.

Read the student union’s greeting to new students and presentation in a nutshell (LINK COMING SOON)!

Check out the New Student’s Guide provided by ArtSU! (LINK COMING SOON) The guide is a solid information package about Uniarts Helsinki, its practices, the student's daily life and the student union.

Read more about the activities of the student union, studying at Uniarts Helsinki and student life on ArtSU's website.

International activities


Students at Uniarts Helsinki may include an internationalization period in their curricula. It may include student exchange, work placements or other kinds of student mobility. More information is avalable in intranet Artsi.

Information sessions will be held for incoming exchange students during the orientation period. The application period for student exchange is in the beginning of each year.



The University of the Arts Helsinki Library is an open arts library which specialises in the university’s fields of study and research. The library has three locations: Sörnäinen (Helsinki), Töölö (Helsinki) and Kuopio.

Library activities are presented during new students orientation.

Check out the library's services here.