Studying at Uniarts Helsinki

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General information


Academy specific information under academies:

The academies’ curricula form the basis of study planning. You can browse the curricula in the University of the Arts, Helsinki Study Guide.To support your studies, you will make a personal study plan (HOPS) that contains a plan and a schedule for completing your studies. 

In addition to studies within your own academy, you may include general Uniarts Helsinki studies in your degree as well as internal mobility studies within Uniarts Helsinki.

First academic year of studies

Studies at UNIARTS Helsinki begin in August with orientation to studies and student life. You will find the schedule under "Orientation period/Orientation studies". Please check both joint events and your academy's schedule.

The academic year begins 1.8.2021 and ends 31.7.2022. Tuition begins during week 35. The opening ceremonies of the academic year will take place 2.9.2021.

During weeks 42 and 8 there is mainly no tuition. Christmas holday is weeks 52-1 and Easter break 14.-20.4.2022.

Uniarts joint studies

Uniarts Helsinki arranges teaching that is designed for all degree students of all academies. The joint studies may consist of separate courses, but there is also network-based teaching that may form a study module on its own arranged as a collaboration between the academies.

Uniarts internal mobility studies

Every year, the academies chart the courses in their selection that could be opened also to degree students of other academies. Courses selected from other academies or joint teaching need to be approved in your personal study plan. Whenever necessary, you may need to discuss, within your own academy, the suitability of various studies to your own degree. A prerequisite for attending an inter-academy course is that the course can be included in a minimum standard degree offered by the host academy.

Artistic activity of Uniarts students

The exhibitions of the Academy of Fine Arts, concerts of the Sibelius Academy and performances of the Theatre Academy form an important part of your studies. Follow the event calendar to see what’s happening at the university. By showing the student card or a certificate of student registration, all Uniarts Helsinki students have access to events and performances at the different academies free of charge (with some exceptions).