Student's everyday life and wellbeing

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Student finances


Financing your studies

All students Finnish and international, are expected to cover their living costs by themselves. Please note that the University of the Arts does not offer any scholarships for living expenses.

You might wish to check if you would be eligible to apply for some study abroad scholarships in your home country, and from international organisations and foundations. For information on these, please turn to the educational advisers and authorities in your home country.

If you are already residing permanently in Finland:

STUDENT FINANCIAL AID (more information: Kela)

The primary income of a student is student financial aid, and the majority of students use the aid to finance their studies. Student financial aid comprises the study grant, government guarantee for student loans and the housing supplement to the student financial aid (studies abroad). In addition to student financial aid, students may be eligible for general housing allowance.

GENERAL HOUSING ALLOWANCE (more information: Kela)

Students can get general housing allowance under the same conditions as everyone else. Receiving housing allowance does not have an effect on receiving student financial aid. The housing allowance is granted to the household collectively. The amount of housing support is affected by the net income of persons in the household. If you are employed during your studies and you have irregular income, remember to notify Kela of changes in your income. 

INDEPENDENT STUDY SUPPORTED BY UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT (more information: Employment and Economic Development Offices)

You can only receive unemployment benefit if you study full time. There are no requirements as to the duration of the studies, but unemployment benefit to support your studies can only be paid for a maximum of 24 months per qualification or degree. You will also be using up your days of the maximum period for paying an earnings-related and basic allowance during your studies. 

FINANCIAL AID FOR ADULT STUDENTS (more information: Employment Fund)

You can be paid the adult education allowance if you have been employed or self-employed for at least 8 years and if your current job or full-time self-employment has lasted at least one year.
Go to the Employment Fund website to read more about their allowance options. 


Social assistance is the last resort when it comes to financial support. If all your income and funds and other social security benefits granted are not enough to cover your most basic needs, you may apply for social assistance from Kela. Student financial aid is the primary income security for students. Before applying for basic social assistance, find out if you qualify for financial aid for students and general housing allowance.

Well-being services




Well-being services supporting the students

There might be periods during your time of study when you need additional support on study-related issues or for other challenges in your personal life. In the University of the Arts Helsinki, there are many different support functions and help is available to every student. The study psychologist and university chaplain are people to whom you can easily reach out and turn. You should also acquaint yourself with the well-being activities arranged by the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Student Union, ArtSU. It is important to seek help when you need it; no question is too big or too small!

More information:

Study psychologist

The most common reasons for contacting the study psychologist are difficulties in studying. Big crises in your life, different problems related to substance abuse, relationships or sexuality, problems with fellow students or teachers, fatigue, depression or distress can all hinder your studies. Different learning difficulties or, for example, a long gap in your studies can also pose challenges. Together with the psychologist, you can discuss questions concerning motivation, creativity, coping, time management, ‘being stuck’, etc. Together we’ll decide on what we should work. You’re granted one to five appointments, depending on your need. The service is free for all students.

The easiest way to contact the psychologist is via e-form, which that can be found on Artsi.

You can also contact FSHS regarding all mental health issues, especially if you feel the need for longer-term support and treatment.

University chaplain

Joy, longing, sadness, and both pleasant as well as regular everyday events are something you can discuss together with the university chaplain. You choose the subject; the chaplain has a strict confidentiality policy. The university chaplain of Uniarts Helsinki is accessible to everyone in the university community, both students and staff. In the chaplain’s office you can talk about everything—relationships, life crises, depression and distress, and other problems in your personal life. If needed, the chaplain will also help you in theological and philosophical questions and themes and in different matters related to your livelihood, communality, and multiculturalism.

You can contact the chaplain even if you do not belong to a church; aside from questions of faith, the chaplain is also a professional in a multitude of other topics. The chaplain’s practice rotates and is located in different Academies on different weekdays. If you wish to book an appointment, just send them an e-mail, give him a call or tug at their sleeve.

You can even come in without an appointment, if there’s a timeslot available. You can also book an appointment outside reception hours.

More information can be found in intranet Artsi:


Taking care of one’s health is the most important thing of all. During your studies, you can turn to the Finnish Student Health Service with any question you may have about health or illnesses (FSHS,

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides general, mental and oral health care services for students of universities and other institutions of higher education. The FSHS services are available to all degree students of Finnish universities.

Once you have paid the FSHS health care fee to Kela, you become entitled to using all services of the FSHS. More information on the Kela's webpage. In addition to examinations and treatment, the FSHS does different kinds of work to promote student health. The FSHS guides and instructs students on how to take care of their health, prevent illnesses, and how their own choices and ways of living affect their state of health.

Address Töölönkatu 37 A, 00260 Helsinki. The health centre is open Mon-Thu from 8-15, Fri 8-14. Self online service:

More information on assessment of treatment needs and making an appointment can be found on the FSHS website.

Protection of hearing


Everyone who works, studies or visits at Uniarts Helsinki has the right to have their hearing protected. This right is based on legislation on occupational safety and health and the Universities Act, which states that students have the right to a safe learning environment. Uniarts Helsinki also organises many events where the audience may be exposed to loud noises.

Hearing is a major part of your work that you should protect from the very beginning of your career. Uniarts Helsinki has a hearing protection policy, which provides students the opportunity to receive support for purchasing hearing protectors.

All new students are given standard protectors (in Finnish so called HIFI-/kuusimalli plugs) by the university during their first year of studies. Alternatively, students may choose to participate in the university’s joint purchase of personal moulded hearing protectors.


Sports and exercise


Uniarts Helsinki supports the sports activities of its degree students who have registered as attending during the 2020-2021 academic year by participating in the sports service costs.

UniSport provides sports and exercise services in six locations in Helsinki: Centre Campus, Kumpula, Meilahti, Otaniemi, Töölö and Viikki.

You can find a more specific description of the services and prices at the Unisport website: 

Sports services in Kuopio

SYKETTÄ is the sport service of Kuopio universities, and it’s available also to Uniarts Helsinki students in Kuopio. Students can use 2 sports halls and 4 gyms.

SYKETTÄ  offers you:

  • Over 60weekly group workout classes (zumba, spinning, body pump)
  • Over 30 general sports shifts in the sports halls (floorball, volleyball, badminton, etc.)
  • Exercise courses and opportunities to try new sports
  • Nutrition and other wellbeing services, including nutrition counselling

Uniarts' own wellbeing studies

Uniarts Helsinki organises courses on wellbeing that discuss things like mind, body, moving and performing.

The Sibelius Academy organises different wellbeing and exercise courses. More information from your PSP advisor.

Theatre Academy:

  • Morning yoga every Tuesday at 7.45-8.45 for students and staff
  • The gym is available for use for students and staff

Student accidents and insurance


Statutory accident insurance

Students registered for attendance in bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes at the University of the Arts Helsinki are covered by statutory accident insurance.

The insurance provider If Vahinkovakuutusyhtiö Oy will compensate students on a case-by-case basis for any accidents which take place in practice sessions, performances or rehearsals which are part of the degree programme.

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can never be avoided completely. The University of the Arts Helsinki has covered its students against  accidents  and  injuries,  but  the  insurance  company  does  not  regard  all  cases  as  accidents.  Therefore,  a personal medical expense insurance against these cases may be worth considering.

More info in Artsi:

Travel insurance

The university has travel insurance in place for students for trips related to studies in Finland and abroad (students registered for attendance in bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes at Uniarts Helsinki and students completing separate pedagogical studies for teachers at the Theatre Academy).

More info in Artsi: