Orientation studies in the Academy of Fine Arts

The beginning of the studies

Orientation studies (2 ECTS credits)  are part of the obligatory studies of the Bachelor’s Degree. The purpose of the orientation is to familiarize new students with the academy and university and give the basic knowledge about studies. The orientation studies begin in the first week of studies, and continue later in the autumn term.

Visit at the Study Office

Thursday 20 August 2020:

New students are invited to visit the Study Affairs Office of the Academy of Fine Arts on Thursday 20 August 2020. The schedule for the visit will be announced here a week before the visit at the latest.

Place: Study Affairs Office, 5th Floor, Elimäenkatu 25 A, Helsinki.

There might be a queue to the study office so the visit can take some time. You will need your ID card and one passport size photo for the internal student list of the academy.

 You can ask us to sign and stamp your student discount applications. At the study office, you will also get a temporary study certificate that you can use, for instance, when you are applying an apartment or to show in student restaurants (for getting student-priced meals) before you order and get your actual student card. After the visit to the study office, you can receive the electronic key at the Info Desk, 1st Floor.

Orientation studies and student tutoring

Uniarts Freshman Day Friday 21 August 2020.

Orientation studies of the Academy of Fine Arts start on Monday 24 August 2020 (Academy of Fine Arts, Elimäenkatu 25 A, Helsinki). In the first week begins also the Introduction course (“Mylly”) that takes the whole autumn term. The primary subject area is going to be chosen in December, and transition to the subject areas will occur in January 2021.

The orientation studies are organized in Finnish and in English. The programme will be published here at the end of June.


Student tutors

The student tutors support the new students in the beginning of the studies. They will help the new students to integrate to the Academy and to the Uniarts and familiarize them with the studies and student life. The student tutors will organize fun events in the beginning of the studies.

More about the tutors and student life: New Student’s Guide by the Student Union