Welcome to Uniarts Helsinki!

Please note: We are working on our new web pages for our students during spring 2022. These pages will no longer be updated.

People in a foyer of an art deco movie theatre.


Congratulations, you’ve passed Uniarts Helsinki's extremely selective screening process and will now join the Uniarts Helsinki community!

In the Uniarts Helsinki you will be part of the university community consisting of the three academies. At the same time, you are a student at one of the three academies of the university and a member in smaller groups gathered around your own speciality. 

We wish you warmly welcome to our community!

The University of the Arts Helsinki


The University of the Arts Helsinki is a new university launched in 2013 upon the merging of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The University offers a wide selection of programmes in the field of arts and promotes productive dialogue that leads to the creation of something new between teaching and research. The University has about 2100 students. The objective of founding the University of the Arts Helsinki is to enhance education and research in the arts and to promote the quality of the arts. For students, the change will manifest in a selection of new options and an enhanced collaboration between different fields of art.