Facilities and systems

Information on the facilities and IT services in the Uniarts 


Facilities and systems:



The University of the Arts Helsinki is situated on two campuses - in Töölö and in Sörnäinen/Vallilla. The Sibelius Academy has also one unit in Kuopio.

Note! Due to the corona pandemic the University facilities are currently closed. The facilities will open again on 10 August. More information on the Uniarts websites.

The Sibelius Academy operates in three different buildings in Helsinki and also has a unit in the city of Kuopio:

  • M building = Helsinki Music Centre (Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C)
  • N building (Nervanderinkatu 13)
  • R building (Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 9)
  • Kuopio Unit (Kuopionlahdenkatu 23 C, 70100 Kuopio)
  • Seinäjoki Unit (Nyykoolinkatu 25, Seinäjoki)

Attendants are available during the opening hours. At other times, you need an access key to enter the buildings.

The Theatre Academy operates at Haapaniemenkatu 6 (Teak-Kookos) and Lintulahdenkatu 3 (lighting and sound design). Contactless identification keys are used to access the Theatre Academy facilities.

The Academy of Fine Arts operates at Elimäenkatu 25 A. The Academy also has a teaching and exhibition space called Exhibition Laboratory, which is open to the public and located at Merimiehenkatu 36. Exhibition Laboratory Project Room, on the other hand, is the Academy’s exhibition space, located at Lönnrotinkatu 35.

More information and the opening times can be found on Artsi.

More information about the facilities of the Academy of Fine Arts

Facilities and building access

Most of the teaching and work facilities of the Academy of Fine Arts are located at Elimäenkatu. There is also a work space (KuvA Paja) for sculpture students at Levytie 6, 00830 Helsinki. The Elimäenkatu premises also house Uniarts Helsinki’s visual art library (2nd floor) and student restaurant (1st floor).

During the academic year, the Academy of Fine Arts is open from Monday through Thursday between 8.00 and 18.00 and from 8.00 to 17.00 on Fridays. You will need an electronic key to access some of the rooms also during opening hours. You can pick up your key from the attendants at the Academy of Fine Arts information desk (Elimäenkatu 25 A, 1st floor) on 17 August after your visit to the Academic Affairs Office.

All keys must be returned to the info desk after your employment ends/completion of studies. If you lose your key, contact an attendant immediately kuva.toimitilapalvelut@uniarts.fi, tel. 029 447 4406.

During the autumn term, students will learn about the safe use of the facilities under the guidance of the staff and attend emergency first aid and emergency fire extinguishing training. 

Work facilities for students 

All bachelor’s and master’s students of the Academy of Fine Arts have the right to a work space for the normative duration for the completion of degrees (5.5 years or 2 years). A work space can be a work station, work space, or a shared studio offered to students where they can do independent artistic work.  During the autumn term of the first year of studies, the students will work in the work spaces assigned for the Introduction to independent artistic activities and the subject areas study module.

The subject area that the bachelor’s student has chosen will appoint a work space suitable for the student during the first spring term. Master’s students will be appointed their working spaces by their own subject areas in the beginning of their studies.  Exchange students are also appointed work spaces in each subject area. Similarly, the Academy’s students leaving for a student exchange are to give up their work space for the duration of their exchange.

Most of the time, students can work in their own work spaces around the clock every day of the week, with the exception of the times when the whole Academy of Fine Arts is closed.

Work space can only be used for study purposes. The Academy of Fine Arts has a limited amount of space and there is no room to store art pieces. Art pieces must be removed from the Academy’s premises after they’re finished.

Technicians oversee the working spaces of the study programmes.


Parking is not allowed in the Taiteen Talo Building courtyard. The courtyard parking is controlled by Uudenmaan Pysäköinninvalvonta Oy. The parking fine is €60.  

Exhibitions at the Academy of Fine Arts

Read more about exhibitions at the Exhibition Laboratory website

At the Academy of Fine Arts, diverse artistic activities are part of education and integral to the degree programmes. Artistic activities include exhibitions, projects, workshops and fairs. Events take place in Finland as well as in other countries, at the academy’s own facilities and in partners' venues.    Kuvan Kevät is the Academy of Fine Arts degree show of Master of Fine Arts graduates.

Exhibitions are open from Tuesday until Sunday at 11-18 (excluding times between exhibitions).

Exhibition Laboratory (Merimiehenkatu 36)

The Academy of Fine Arts has an exhibition and teaching space called Exhibition Laboratory in the Merikortteli quarter at Merimiehenkatu 36 C. The space hosts a range of different exhibitions, events, lectures and teaching activities.

Project Room (Lönnrotinkatu 35)

Project Room is situated at Lönnrotinkatu 35. Exhibition times for the 186m2 space are distributed primarily for the Master’s degree thesis shows. After visiting applicants’ studios, a group of lecturers makes a presentation of the exhibition times for the Academic Council.

Tasku Gallery (Elimäenkatu 25-27)

Tasku Gallery is situated at the Academy of Fine Arts’ premises in Vallila, on the 3rd floor. It is possible for the students to arrange various kind of exhibitions and presentations at Tasku Gallery. The space is open to the public, as well.


More information about the facilities of the Sibelius Academy

Sibelius Academy has facilites in three buildings in Helsinki and also in Kuopio. Visiting addresses.

New students will be given electric keys during the orientation period. The keys are for personal use only and must never be borrowed to other people.

Electric keys will be handed out during the orientation period from in the info desks of M and N/R building. The same key is used in N and R buildings, M building has its own key. The info desks are open from Monday to Friday at 8–16.

Students may reserve practice rooms in Peppi. You can access Peppi in the address student.peppi.uniarts.fi with your uniarts username and password. Instructions will be given during the orietation period.

More information about the facilities of the Theatre Academy

Facilities of the Theatre Academy

Uniarts Helsinki is currently building new facilities next door to the Theatre Academy, and the building is scheduled to be finished by 2021. The new learning and work facilities is provoded especially for the use of the Academy of Fine Arts.

In the future, Uniarts Helsinki will centralise its operations to two campus areas in Helsinki: The Töölö Campus will focus primarily on music, while students of fine arts, theatre and dance will study at the Sörnäinen Campus.


For the moment Theatre Academy’s premises constitute of two buildings: TeaK-Kookos and TeaK-Vässi. Teaching in Lighting Design and Sound happens at TeaK-Vässi. Other programmes and functions are at TeaK-Kookos.


Visiting Address: Lintulahdenkatu 3
Postal Address: P.O. Box 20, 00097 UNIARTS
Opening hours: 24/7 (requires for a special electronic key programmed to Vässi)


Visiting Address: Haapaniemenkatu 6
Postal Address: P.O. Box 20, 00097 UNIARTS
Opening hours:
Mon–Fri 8–22
Sat 10-18
Sun 10–17

 In addition to all activities related to the degree/ master’s degree programmes, TeaK-Kookos houses:

   • The University of the Arts Helsinki Library is an open arts library which specialises in the university’s fields of study and research. The library has four locations: the Academy of Fine Arts, the Theatre Academy, and the Sibelius Academy in both Helsinki and Kuopio.

    • Fazer Amica student and staff restaurant will open its doors after summer in September.



Access rights and use of facilities


Contactless identification keys are used to access the Theatre Academy facilities. Key cards and locker keys will be handed out separately once studies have started. Key cards grant students access to teaching facilities when the building is open, as well as to the administration floor between 8.30-16.15. Key cards will stop working half an hour before the building is closed. Up-to-date opening hours can always be found on Artsi.

The facilities’ attendants can be reached at the Info desk on the Theatre Academy Tori at Kookos, as well as by telephone on 0400-792007. The attendants help in all matters relating to facilities, access rights etc. You can pretty much ask them anything and they will help you find the information you need.

As a student of the Theatre Academy, you may use Theatre Academy teaching facilities for your own rehearsals and artistic activities. You need to book the space electronically via Peppi, which you can access with your Uniarts user name and password. The booking right extends for a maximum period of five days into the future and ten hours per week at the most.

There is also a gym available to students at Theatre Academy Kookos, and the Student Union has its own space, Bunkkeri (the Bunker), which you can reserve by contacting the the Theatre Academy committee of the Student Union.

Theatre Academy Kookos is closed between 27 June - 26 July.



The usernames for the new students will be generated automatically after the study right has been registrered and they have come into effect.

Register for a University of the Arts user ID with your Finnish online banking identification at https://password.uniarts.fi/. Foreign students will receive their user IDs in the beginning of studies from student services.

The username follows the form abc12345, and is used for login to all IT services of the Uniarts (computers and web-based software). The user IDs are personal. Don't let anyone to use your password in any case!  Don't use the username or password elsewhere.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions before starting the authentication procedures, as access to the service requires you to be familiar and comply with them.

Links to documents: Terms of use, eMail policy, Disciplinary actions in IT violations.

Student web services

You can easily access the web-based sofware and IT-services via the intranet Artsi (choose "Tools") or using the direct links listed below.


You can access the uniarts email here: webmail.uniarts.fi

Study Guide

The University of the Arts, Helsinki Study guide can be found here: opinto-opas.uniarts.fi. Study guide is open for everyone and doesn't require you to log in. In the Study Guide, you will find the curricula, descriptions of the study units and information on the courses organiseed every semester. Registration for the courses is done via WebOodi. 


WebOodi is a student’s IT tool which can be accessed at https://weboodi.uniarts.fi.

With WebOodi, you can:

  • Make your personal study plan (PSP or HOPS)
  • Register for group tuition
  • Find information on granted teaching
  • Check your registered credits
  • Give feedback on group tuition (only SibA)
  • Update your own contact information

New students create their individual study plan and register for group tuition during the orientation period. 

Scheduling tool

Scheduling tool can be found here: lukujarjestykset.uniarts.fi. With the scheduling tool you can plan your own schedule by choosing courses to it. With the tool you can also find your own study group's schedule. The scheduling tool can be used without logging in, but saving the schedule requires logging in with your uniarts user name and password. Video instructions for how to use the Scheduling tool can be found on the front page of the Scheduling tool.


Peppi is Uniarts Helsinki's student IT system which you can acces Peppi in student.peppi.uniarts.fi  with your uniarts user name and password. In Peppi you can book rehearsal rooms and make other study related room reservations. Video instructions for how to make reservations can be found in Peppi. Peppi includes also links to the other study IT systems (Study Guide, WebOodi and Scheduling tool).  


Tuudo is a mobile app, which allows you to use the student information system Peppi on your mobile phone or tablet.

Services available in Tuudo:

·      Booking facilities (booking of practice and other study-related facilities)

·      News aimed at Uniarts Helsinki’s students

·     Public transport schedules

Download Tuudo for free from an application store (AppStore/Google Play)

Useful links (Artsi registration required):

Study related forms

Instructions for making the individual study plan (PSP, HOPS)

Study guidance and councelling

Artsi intranet

Artsi is the University of the Arts intranet which you can access with your personal uniarts user account. It is where you'll find information regarding studies, news, forms and many other things. Artsi offers tools for various groups to share information; you can set up a group for, say, a study group or a particular course. You can access Artsi in https://artsi.uniarts.fi

IT services and Helpdesk

IT helpdesk

Uniarts Helsinki’s IT team is here to help you solve your IT problems

Telephone: 0294 47 2200 (+358 294 47 2200) – open Mon–Fri 8:30-16:00

Email: help@uniarts.fi

IT helpdesks are open all around campus Mon–Fri 10:00-15:00. Note! It's possible that the helpdesks are not open in August. You can reach them however by phone or email.


Wireless network on your own devices

The UniartsPublic network can be used on your personal devices. The use of certain IT services, such as secure printing, is restricted when using the network.

You also have access to the global wireless network access service Eduroam, which supports mobility across universities and institutions. You can log in to Eduroam using your uniarts username in the form abc12345@uniarts.fi

Read more about Eduroam: http://www.eduroam.org


All IT room and library computers have the following standard software:

  • Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Chrome, Firefox

IT rooms also have their own academy-specific software, such as notation, modelling, graphics and video editing software.

You can log in to the computers with your uniarts username.

Files that have been saved locally to the computers in the IT rooms will be automatically deleted within 24 hours. Use the network home directory, O365 cloud storage solution or your own external USB drive in order to save files permanently.

Do you need additional software? Has a computer in an IT room broken down? Contact IT support help@uniarts.fi

Printing and copying

Uniarts Helsinki uses secure printing, which means you can go to any of the multi-function printers on campus to release your print job personally.

The name of the printer is “Turvatulostus” or “Secure print” .

You will have to log in to the multi-function printer with your uniarts username, and you can speed up the process by registering your HSL travel card; the registration instructions can be found on the printers.

It is possible to use even your personal device to print files when you use mobile printing. The file to be printed must be sent as an attachment to the address print@uniarts.fi, after which you can release the print job on a multi-function printer.

Students have been assigned printing and copying quotas. Contact the IT support or go to Artsi to find out more about printing quotas.

When you have run out of your printing quota, you can top it up at https://lataamo.uniarts.fi

Double-sided printing / copying decreases the quota by two pages. The size of the paper does not affect the price. Black-and-white prints/copies are the cheapest; printing one page in colour counts for about three pages in your quota.

Some of the machines will be placed in areas where they can only be used by staff members, while others will be in areas where they can be used by both staff members and students. Some machines may also be reserved primarily for staff use (i.e. students can use them when they are free).

The machines intended for student use will be placed on the following floors at the Academies:

M Building: multifunction printers on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th floor
N Building: multifunction printer on the 3rd floor
R Building: multifunction printers on the 4th and 5th floor
TeaK: multifunction printers on the 1st and 4th floor and VÄS
KuvA: multifunction printers on the 2nd and 3rd floor

Students will receive a printing quota (400 pages per academic year), and any additional prints can be bought online at https://lataamo.uniarts.fi using your own uniarts-username and password. The login page is slow, so please be patient! You can use Visa, Visa electron or MasterCard or a Finnish netbank service for payments.

As a printing card, please use your HSL- Helsinki Region Travel Card.

Uniarts Helsinki’s file hosting services

Students can use two different file hosting services for different purposes.

  • The network home directory is the best file storage solution in terms of data security and reliability. Users are automatically connected to the home directory when logging in on a computer in an IT room. The network home directory can be accessed only in IT rooms and libraries. The IT team recommends that students take back-up copies of all important study-related files and store them in their personal network folder.

  • OneDrive is your personal browser-based cloud service that you can access through your Office365 account, while Groups is a file management platform for groups. Office365 allows you to share and edit files easily on your own or within a group. The Office365 cloud service can be accessed in full via webmail https://webmail.uniarts.fi

Data protection and information security

Uniarts Helsinki processes your personal data e.g. when we save information concerning students’ registration for the academic year, course registrations, completed courses, credit transfer, student exchange, degrees, and when we compile or print out certificates and transcripts of academic records. We need students’ personal data for organising teaching and counselling and for teaching-related artistic activities and for collecting student feedback. The university also passes on information about student union membership to the student union. The purpose of collecting personal data is to enable studies, teaching and other duties of the university in accordance with the Universities Act as well as the duties of a public authority that have been assigned to the university.

Privacy policy and more information on data protection: https://www.uniarts.fi/en/dataprotection

Checklist on information security for students:

  • Your uniarts username and password are personal
  • Only use your uniarts username and password in the university’s online services. Use different passwords on other online services!
  • Do not tell your password to anyone
  • Do not send usernames and passwords via email
  • Do not open suspicious links
  • Do not open suspicious emails and spam
  • All emails are not necessarily sent from the address that they appear to be
  • Use secure printing
  • Be careful with your (personal) data and keep them safe from outsiders
  • Do not leave your phone or computer to a place where someone else may use them
  • Secure your device with a password / PIN code
  • Read the instructions carefully!
  • Do you have questions or concerns about information security and data protection? You can contact the IT services and ask for advice!